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  Assessing the “Revive the Northeast” (zhenxing dongbei) Program:
       Origins, Policies and Implementation (Chung, Lai and Joo)

   2017-07-14 14:24:58
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Jae Ho Chung, Hongyi Lai and Jang-Hwan Joo. "Assessing the “Revive the Northeast” (zhenxing dongbei) Program: Origins, Policies and Implementation." China Quarterly No. 197 (March 2009), pp. 108-25.

This article, focusing on the “revive the northeast” programme, examines four questions: why was the northeast region selected as yet another macro-site for Beijing-endorsed scheme of regional development; how does it differ from the “develop the west” scheme; what does the “revive the northeast” scheme entail in concrete policy terms; and how can we assess the impact of this scheme on the region's economic development? While it offers a relatively positive assessment of the programme's impact in facilitating a faster growth during 2004–06, future challenges are also noted for a sustainable development of the northeast region as a whole.

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   China's Local Administration: Traditions and Changes in the Sub-National Hierarchy
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