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  The Rise of Agrarian Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics: Agricultural
        Modernization,Agribusiness and Collective Land Rights (Zhang and Donaldson)

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Zhang, Qian Forrest, and John A. Donaldson, (2008). “The Rise of Agrarian Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics: Agricultural Modernization, Agribusiness and Collective Land Rights.” The China Journal 60: 25-47.

Agribusinesses, of all forms, shapes and sizes, are re-organizing the distribution and utilization of productive factors (labor, land and capital) in China and transforming the country’s traditional household-based operation toward scaled-up, specialized, commercialized and vertically integrated agriculture. Through extensive fieldwork in Shandong and Yunnan, five forms of interactions between farmers and agribusiness can now be identified and differentiated based on the political and social effects on China’s farmers. In this process, China’s unique system of land rights has acted as a powerful force in shaping interactions between agribusiness and direct producers, providing farmers with a source of economic income and political bargaining power and restricts corporate actors from dispossessing farmers of their land.

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