Asian Network for the Study of Local China (ANSLoC)

2th Annual Workshop

Date: April 27-30, 2017

Organized by
National Taiwan University

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Program for ANSLoC Workshop (2017)

  National Taiwan University, 27-30 April 2017


April 27: Foreign participants Arrive


April 28: Full-Day Workshop


Workshop (on April 28)


09:00-09:15 – Registration



        -  Welcoming Remarks by Phil HSU (National Taiwan University)

        -  Opening Remarks for the 12th ANSLoC Workshop by Jae Ho CHUNG                    (Seoul National University)

        -  Group Photo Session


Session One (09:30-12:30) moderated by Phil HSU


“Theory Meets Evidence: Examining Different Views of the Relationship   between Central and Provincial Governments

By John Donaldson (Singapore Management University)

Designated Discussant: Jae Ho CHUNG



“Dictator’s Growth Curse: Implications for China’s Central-Local Relations”

By Hans Han-Pu Tung (National Taiwan University)

Designated Discussant: Tse-Kang LENG (Academia Sinica)



"Inter-local Coordination and Cooperation for Environmental Sustainability in China:  A Case Study on Pan Pearl River Delta"

By Suo Liming (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)

Designated Discussant: John Donaldson


12:30-14:00 – Lunch (lunch box)


Session Two (14:00-17:30) moderated by Long YANG (Nankai Univ.)


“Local Hospital Reforms in China: How Were The Experimental   Sites Selected?”

By Chelsea Chia-chen Chou (National Taiwan University)

Designated Discussant: Yukyung YEO (Kyunghee University)


15:00-15:15  – coffee break



Grassroots participation under the local state power: the Case of Tianjin’s  preservation of cultural relics”

Tse-Kang LENG (Academia Sinica)

 Designated Discussant: Chelsea Chia-chen Chou



"Embedded Central Institutions in Regulating China's Decentralized Auto Business"

Yukyung YEO

Designated Discussant: Hans Han-Pu Tung


17:15-17:30 – Future Management (chaired by CHUNG and Donaldson)


Format: Each session is for 60 minutes, starting with the author’s presentation of key arguments for 15 minutes, immediately followed by 10-15 minutes’ discussion by the designated commentator and the rest for free discussions. The Moderators will keep the time very strictly (a time-keeping assistant may be needed). Lunch boxes will be provided at the venue of the workshop to save time. And, hopefully, coffee and refreshments can be there for consumption throughout the day.


April 29: Fun Day


April 30: Foreign participants depart





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