Asian Network for the Study of Local China (ANSLoC)

10th Annual Workshop

Date: May 7-10, 2015

Organized by
Singapore Management University

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Agenda for ANSLoC Workshop (2015)


May 8  2015 


08:45-09:00 -Registration


09:00-09:15 -Welcoming Remarks by John Donaldson (Singapore Management Univ.)

         -Opening Remarks for the 10th Anniversary Workshop by Jae Ho CHUNG (Seoul National University)

         -Photo Session


[Session One] moderated by Jae Ho CHUNG


09:15-10:00 -Fiscal Dynamics (Phil HSU, National Taiwan University)

Designated Discussant: Jae Ho CHUNG


10:00-10:45 -Investment Control (Yukyung YEO, Kyunghee University)

Designated Discussant: Jiwei QIAN


10:45-11:30 -Administrative Planning and Organization (John Donaldson)

Designated Discussant: Long YANG (Nankai University)


11:30-12:15 -Regional Development Strategies (Long YANG, Nankai University)

Designated Discussant: John Donaldson


12:15-13:30 -Lunch (bento boxes from Ayam)


[Session Two] moderated by John Donaldson


13:30-14:15 -Personnel Management (Hon CHAN, City University of Hong Kong)

Designated Discussant: Phil HSU (National Taiwan University)


14:15-15:00 -Policy Implementation (Jae Ho CHUNG, Seoul National University)

Designated Discussant: Tse-Kang LENG (Academia Sinica)


15:00-15:15 -body-stretching break


15:10-15:55 -Culture and Media-control (Tse-Kang LENG, Academia Sinica)

Designated Discussant: Hon CHAN (City University of Hong Kong)


15:55-16:40 -Social Welfare (Xufeng ZHU, Tsinghua University)

Designated Discussant: Yukyung YEO (Kyunghee University)


16:40-17:25 -Local Diplomacy (Mingjiang LI, Nanyang Technological University)

Designated Discussant: Fengshi Wu (Nanyang Technological University)


17:25-17:50 -Future Management (chaired by CHUNG and Donaldson)


Format: Each session is for 45 minutes, starting with the author?셲 presentation of key arguments for 10 minutes, immediately followed by 15 minutes??discussion by the designated commentator, and the rest for free discussions. The Moderators will keep the time very strictly (a time-keeping assistant will be there to help).

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