Asian Network for the Study of Local China (ANSLoC)

9th Annual Workshop

Date: May 2-3, 2014

Organized by The Program on US-China Relations (PUCR),
Seoul National University

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Workshop Program


May 2 (Friday)


08:00-09:30 – Founding Members’ Breakfast Meeting

09:30-09:50 – Registration

09:50-10:00 – Welcoming and Introductory Remarks

WelcomingRemarks by Jae Ho CHUNG (Seoul National University)


Session (I) - 10:00-1200

             Chaired by Jae Ho CHUNG

"Why Some Local Governments Adopt Consultative and Deliberative Devices, but Other Don’t?" by Baogang HE (Nanyang Technological University)

Discussant: Phil HSU (National Taiwan University)

"Complementng the Local Discipline Inspection Commissions in CCP: The Empowerment of the Central Inspection Groups" by Yukyung YEO (Kyunghee University)

Discussant: John DONALDSON (Singapore Management University)


Lunch – 12:00-13:30 (Sodam Maru)



Session (II) - 13:30-16:50

Chaired by John DONALDSON

"Historic Preservation in Yangtze River Delta Cities: A Comparative Perspective" by Tse-kang LENG

Discussant: Xufeng ZHU (Tsinghua University)

"Local Official Turnover and the Diffusion of Policy Innovation: The Rise of New Administrative Licensing System in China" by Xufeng ZHU

Discussant: Eunkyung CHOI (Hankook University of Foreign Studies)


Coffee Break (15:30-15:50)


"Analysis of Cross-Border Cooperation between Local Governments of China, Japan and Korea" by Long YANG (Nankai University

Discussant: Tse-kangLENG (Academia Sinica)


Concluding Remarks (16:50-17:00) by Jae Ho CHUNG



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